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How Much house I can afford?
Before you start looking for a home to buy you need to research how much house works within your budget. Here is a simple calculator for you to find out how much House you can afford to buy.

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A qualified borrower should have:

    -A stable income
    -A good credit history
    -A common-sense downpayment; generally, about five percent of the purchase price for a conventional, conforming mortgage. (Fortunately, there are downpayment
    assistance programs for qualified borrowers.)

responsible lenders today will want documentation verifying your income (like W-2 forms, tax returns), employment, credit history, and assets – such as bank statements – to verify savings.
Under the new rules of the road, the lender must also obtain an impartial third-party appraisal that complies with new rules to verify that the value of the house you want will support the mortgage you need to finance it. Click Here is you like to download our Free Home Buying Packet with valuable information for home buyers.

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